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ICA2026 Welcome message

Hiroshi Shoji

Hiroshi Shoji Chair, Organizing Committee


On behalf of the Organizing Committee, it is our great pleasure to host the 33rd International Congress of Actuaries (ICA) in Tokyo, Japan, in November of 2026. The year 2026 is very special for us. We held the ICA in 1976 in Tokyo, and the year 2026 will be exactly the 50th Anniversary of the last ICA we held. The ICA 2026 will be a unique opportunity for reviewing the preceding half-century.

Since around the end of the 20th century, actuaries have made tremendous contributions across the globe. The ICA 2026 will bring together actuaries from around the world to discuss the cutting-edge lectures on technological developments, climate change, recent pandemics and more. The topics of the congress will truly reflect the current trends and new approaches. It is essential for sustainable development in the future to share the latest academic and practical results in the actuarial domain. It is hoped that everyone who attends the ICA 2026 and benefits from the congress will utilize what they have gained in daily activities in their respective fields in the future.

Japan is a beautiful country with tradition and a unique culture, and November is one of the best seasons to visit. Tokyo is a particularly appropriate place to hold the ICA in Japan. Tokyo is an attractive city for everyone, full of opportunities for shopping, sightseeing, delicious food and cultural activities. You can enjoy very modern aspects of Japan in Tokyo as well as other places. For those who are ready to travel to various destinations in Japan before or after the congress, Tokyo serves as a great starting point. We intend to make every effort in the preparations, to ensure that the ICA 2026 will be satisfying both technically and socially. Let’s have fruitful discussions at ICA 2026 Tokyo.